Listen to Your Heart: Strengthen Communication with Those You Love

A two-hour workshop specially designed for families supporting patients through cardiac bypass surgery and recovery.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate the changes in your relationships when bypass surgery happens
  • How God’s love can become a center point for recovery
  • How to apply the God-given resources available to every person to help shape your new future
  • How to improve communication within the family and increase positivity in your relationships
  • Your Facilitator: Gary Armour, M. Div., LMFT, cardiac bypass patient, marriage and family therapist, and pastor
  • Included in the workshop fee is the Relationships With Heart book – a valuable resource written by a quintuple bypass survivor who reflects on God’s grace and Life’s Lessons

An introduction to the book:

While we are blessed to have so many advancements in health care today, many hardworking people still struggle to afford basic health care coverage. And when something goes wrong, people have to make difficult decisions between the costs of care and other life necessities. Being in this place can feel very lonely. But, thank goodness, none of us are really alone. Honesty about life situations can draw help near. Now two years following my surgery, I still stand in awe of what transpired and how God has a different plan for my life. He has given me a new heart for relationships and this story of hope I am about to share with you.

This book is created for both patients and the families of those who have gone through cardiac by-pass surgery.

Section One is an anthology of stories from my own experiences going through bypass surgery and how I found strength to mend, not only my heart, but the relationships in my life.

Section Two presents hope and practical skills for healing relationships that may have been strained and changed with the families and care givers who share in helping their loved one recover.

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