Crisis in Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like the “wheels just fell off” on our ride through life. To enter into counseling when a crisis takes place is a very healthy way to care for yourself and your relationship. Very often, the burden of feeling helpless and victimized is overwhelming when a crisis strikes. This is the very reason to seek out a therapist who can help you find your way through the maze of feelings, decisions, self-doubt and helplessness that you may be experiencing.

Some of the crisis that would merit counseling:

  • You have discovered your spouse was having an affair
  • The doctor has informed you that your child has a genetic defect that could be life threatening
  • You have just learned that you have cancer
  • You have found yourself crying for months after the loss of a loved one and you can’t stop the tears.
  • You have just been “downsized” from your job
  • You have gone through a major trauma (robbery, rape or returned from a war zone, for example)
  • You have just moved to a new location and feel isolated and alone
  • You are struggling with an addiction and would like to get sober and practice sobriety

These are just a few examples of the kinds of crisis people experience and may find hope and healing through counseling. The Chinese character that stands for “crisis” combines two words – “danger” and “opportunity”. We can grow through a crisis and find new strength and vitality as we heal. A therapist can help you grow from the “danger” side of crisis to new”opportunities” and new life.