New Clients

As a new client, there are various forms you will need to complete. In order to make this more convenient, we are making these available for download. By clicking the links below, you will be able to view and download the forms. Please have these completed upon your initial session. The forms are in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open them. If you do not have this, you can download and install it for free by clicking here.

Please remember to complete your new client information form and take with you to your initial session with your therapist. If you have any questions, please give us a call at:

Gary Mobile: 913-609-1345

Gary's Office: 913-764-5463 ext. 132
Sarah's Office: 816-835-8907

Forms to be completed:

New Client Information Packet for Gary Armour
New Client Information packet for Sarah Armour

Questions & Answers

The Big Question: Why do I need counseling?

“Talk Therapy” offers many benefits: But even before the benefits it is important for you to know that to seek out counseling is a courageous act.

Also it is important to understand that “To be in therapy” does not mean you are “crazy.” Therapy is a way to seek healing. In fact, that is the meaning of the word “therapy” – “to heal” . Sometimes there is a brokenness in our relationships that we cannot heal ourselves. The therapist brings skills to healing the brokenness that helps the relationship to be made whole again.

The Counselor’s Purpose

What does a therapist do with couples or families in the counseling session?

The Counselor's PurposeCounseling offers the family or couple or even an individual the ability to uncover the pain that is an indication that there is brokenness present. Much like a broken arm signals the body that there is a problem, emotional or relational pain is a sign that there is a relational or “heart” pain that is not physical, but emotional in nature. Without a caring, objective therapist, the brokenness may not be able to heal properly. The therapist can identify where the brokenness is and give guidance to help the healing of the wound in the relationship.

Often the therapist can aid the family in learning how to practice new ways to relate to each other. Have you ever felt like your relationship had communication “ruts” which made your relationship with your spouse, our your family, just “spin your tires” and go in circles? The Counselor will help you to establish new patterns of communication that will break out of the ruts and give new life to your family.

The Spouse’s Role

Why is it important to bring my spouse to the counseling session?

In marriage counseling the best way to repair the relationship that seems to be broken is to have both partners in the room together. The therapist can then observe where there may be “splinters” in the communication that need to be addressed and removed. Within the safe haven of the therapy session new ways to communicate may be practiced as the therapist acts as a “coach” in helping the couple find healing alternatives to making their relationship work.

What if my spouse refuses to come with me to counseling?

The important first step is to recognize that the only one you can change in your relationship is YOU! Acknowledging that you can change and then enacting positive change within your own life, may encourage your spouse to seek therapy as well.

Q – If I have started therapy without my spouse can I bring them to the same therapist that I have been seeing?

A – No. You and your spouse (who did not start therapy with you) need to go to a new counselor who would not have a “bias” toward one or the other of you.

Cost of Therapy

What does therapy Cost?

Perhaps another way to ask the question is “What is therapy worth to you?” Is saving your marriage worth as much as what it will cost to pay for a divorce? Why not invest in healing your relationship rather than increasing the pain of separation and divorce? In terms of actual dollars – The initial “assessment” session usually runs somewhat more than the follow-up sessions. Due to the nature of insurance and “co-pays” or the use of Employee Assistance Plans provided by some companies, the cost will vary. However, the standard rate within the greater Kansas City area is $115 – $150 per session. The initial therapy session may need to be a 90 minute session, instead of a 45-50 minute session. The additional time for the first session would increase the fee for the initial session. We do accept Visa and Master credit card payments. Fees for service are due at the time of the counseling session.

Medication & Healing

What If I need medication to assist in my healing?

Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors are important allies in the healing process. They will know best which medications will help. Most often, they will want you to continue to see a counselor as well, to continue your cognitive and emotional healing. There are forms you will be asked to sign which will give your permission for the medical staff and your counselor to communicate and increase the quality of your therapy so that the whole person or the entire family system is included in the healing process.