Pre-Marriage Preparation & Counseling For Couples

One of life’s biggest decisions is for two people to commit to a life together as husband and wife. If there is specialized training driving a car or flying a plane, why not take advantage of specialized training for creating a lasting relationship with your spouse! The pre-marriage preparation and counseling consists of at least 5-6 one hour sessions which include the following topics: increasing communication and listening skills, how to show your love to your spouse, the good news about sex, how God’s love strengthens a marriage relationship, relating to your relatives, expressing expectations, and productive problem solving.

As an ordained pastor, Gary can also provide guidance for the creation of the wedding service and the shaping of the marriage vows couples share with each other on their wedding day. If requested, Gary can preside at your wedding as a way to follow through, turning what you have learned in marriage preparation, into the lasting promises you make as a couple on your wedding day.