Grief – Mending the Heart and Restoring Hope

The workshop will be presented by a seasoned Pastor of over 35 years who is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Rev. Gary Armour. He will present several important insights for those who are grieving:

  • The Bible and grief, and the comfort Scripture provides those going through the grieving process.
  • Understand the stages of grief and how the stages may apply to each person uniquely
  • Discover hope in the climb out of the “valley of the shadow of death.”
  • What is “Good” about Grief
  • Learn seven simple Biblical principles to help you in rebuilding your life
  • Discover the power of being not a victim, but a survivor

Contact Rev. Armour to learn more about the workshop and support group sessions that he can lead, or set up a grief seminar for your church or community group.