Good Grief, by Granger Westberg –

A summary of the “ten stages of grief” –

The following is an overview of generally what we encounter when we experience a loss. (Remember, each person’s journey through grief is unique) –

NOTE: The stages are not platforms, as if we are climbing a stair case; but rather these “stages” are like a spiraling trail that goes around and around a mountain leading the climber up and out of the valley.

  1. We are in a state of shock
  2. We express emotion
  3. We feel depressed and very lonely
  4. We may experience physical symptoms of distress
  5. We may become panicky
  6. We feel a sense of guilt
  7. We are filled with anger and resentment
  8. We resist returning to life
  9. Gradually hope comes through
  10. We struggle to affirm reality

These “Stages” are more like different parts of a tapestry woven by the mourner into their process of healing. Think of these 10 “stages” as ribbons of different color that are intertwined as the mourning process is “worked through”. Sometimes the mourner gets stuck in one of the stages such as in the valley of depression or the bitterness of anger.

If you would like to work on your own journey thorough grief, give Sarah or Gary a call. We are both well versed in working with healing after a loss.